Who Are We?


Who on earth do we think we are?

As any attempt to define creativity ultimately limits it, we do not claim that we know who should be called creative and who should not. How ever, genius is universally characterized by being Generative, Enigmatic, Novel, Inventive, Unique and Solutional.


This is not to say we are better than and should be segregated from others, it is essentially to say we are lucky in this particular way and we want to use it to better the world. Unfortunately, the only measures which predict exceptional thinking are IQ tests. We are well aware of the strengths of as well as limitations to these tests but they are -as of now- the most reliable empirical method of measuring and comparing intelligence available. Nevertheless, we have developed experimental tests of divergent creative reasoning as an alternative to IQ tests which usually measure the ability to apply abstract reasoning to convergent methods of problem solving. Furthermore, we emphasize that tagging a number to one's intelligence is a really narrow way of viewing cognition and creativity or worse still - what an individual will accomplish in any field: Albert Einstein's IQ was 160 and he made the most groundbreaking discovery in theoretical physics in his time and was named the man of his century. He is in fact a global icon for genius. However, 160 is obviously not the highest IQ possessed by a physicist before, during and after Einstein's lifetime.


Cosmologist Stephen Hawking supposedly said; "Anyone who boasts about his IQ is a loser". How true that is might be debatable but then your scores will not actually make the world a better place. As there is not always an apparent positive correlation between IQ and creativity, we have two membership types; the Creative Genius (CG) membership and the Abstract Genius (AG) membership: Prospective members may apply to any or both.



What On Earth Are We Up To?


As individuals, we are solution oriented and we connect and share ideas with our fellow members, see what they're doing and how we can help.


As a group, we find and solve problems in our immediate society and around the world and create awareness on what the root problems in our society is and what might be the best solutions. We help organizations become more productive and in fact the general public to make calculated decisions from what to eat to how to vote. We carry out social experiments in the fields of Psychosociology and Economics with the aim of acquiring data with which we can advise governments on what policies are more likely to give a desired outcome.



What Exactly Do We Want?


Novites are interested in everything; from coping with Climate Change, Chemistry, Software Developing, Automobiles and Robotics, Health and Medicine, Sociology, Cosmology, Educational Research to Arts and Entertainment, Sports Psychology and Agriculture.


Novus Mentis stems from Nigeria but we represent Earth and the entire human species.
We do not just believe that we can do anything, we have been doing that all our lives.

How to Apply